The simple art of follow up email.

After 20 minutes I got a response, and I knew I had the client intrigued.

His email was as follows

Hi Ajay,
Can you please let me know what you are referring to in terms of a robust solution?

Earlier I wrote about how we won a $60K client and stepped up the game. It required that your client understood that they were purchasing a solution that worked as expected.

Although we had hit first success, I very well knew that a customer engagement at all times was the key. This included being

  1. In continuous conversation.
  2. Be constantly thinking that we were better solution than others

I will highlight this four follow-up email strategy that has worked well for us in 2015.

What this follow-up email policy does is very simple, and all it requires is your Gmail canned responses.

You can set this four follow-up emails as a template in canned response and send them in the specific order. Your mileage may vary so feel free to alter the emails.

The strategy is very simple.

  1. Give them a validation from someone their size or bigger.
  2. Explain why your solution is better than everything else out there.
  3. Another validation and a show a genuine desire to deliver a solution.
  4. Push for a meeting.

By the 4th email, most clients will most likely tell you their intentions.

Follow up email 1

This email is simple and it usually just tells the client that you have worked with someone much bigger.
Thank you for discussing your project with me.

I am aware that you are considering your strategic options for web services.

You business is evading a significant advantage regarding “search traffic” for every day we wait to start the project.

By accomplishing this project in a set time span, we are going to improve significantly, which will provide more opportunity for growth.

I would like to highlight what one of the Project Managers at Fortune 500 said about us recently.

I worked with Ajay for close to a year while an Account Manager at Fortune 500. One of his solutions was utilised in my business portfolio, and we developed a great working relationship in trying to ensure that our (fairly sizable) web project was an organisation wide success.

Throughout the period, Ajay was co-operative, keen to take on new ideas and pro-active about implementing them. I could tell that he wanted to do his best fo us and always had time to discuss the finer details of our account. On several occasions, Ajay asked highly insightful questions that required me to do my research and get back to him sine these were issues that ultimately helped the web performance.

I highly recommend Ajay, and by extension his organisation, as a digital marketing agency to businesses in Australia. In comparison to many other’s I have worked with, they seem to care really and moreover; they know what it takes to succeed.

I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow.

At this juncture, most clients are impressed, but I wouldn’t worry if I get no response.

Almost all customers will read this email as it is for a recent discussion. The above email also gives you a back story to tell the client if you score a meeting by the 4th email.

Follow up email 2

The purpose of this email is to tell the client you are better than others.

This email should also incite a bit of curiosity in the client.

[content_band style=”color: #333;” bg_color=”#ffddea” border=”all” inner_container=”true”]
Hi Scott,

I am aware that you are making a decision on this project soon.

I wanted to highlight that the right architecture and clean code are going to save you a lot of time and hassle in the future. We have taken on quite a few projects from clients that have had to abandon their development company midway because of insufficient planning upfront.

I am aware that you may have other cheaper options however I am confident that our development set-up & the final product will pay for itself within the year. You are in search of a robust solution that is usable and saves you time in the long run.

One of our other clients had to say the following about the product quality.

This organisation has been very easy to deal with and solve problems. They have provided an excellent service and listened to all our needs. The finished product has been excellent, and we are very impressed. Any changes or improvements we asked for have been dealt with professionally and with ease. The unique personal service was brilliant. I would recommend the service to anyone. The quality of the work, in particular, was very impressive.

Richard Martin – Fortune 200 Company

Let me know if you have a bit of time to chat today.

Remember you can replace Fortune 200 with any local company and any local person from your real testimonial. Just make sure you ensure that the email you write is engaging.

Most clients started emailing back and forth almost at this juncture.

If they are seriously considering your services, then you should hear from them by now. If they haven’t responded, there is still hope.

Follow up email 3

This email becomes critical if I haven’t heard from the client in the previous two emails.

After sending each email, I do make it a point to call them back the same day to engage them further. However If the response is cold or slow by the third email, I can realistically estimate the pace of the project was moving forward. Slow responses also generally tend to make the projects move slower which means less ROI for a web agency.
Hi Scott,

It was great talking to you yesterday.

Last year we compiled some internal stats about clients your size and realised that time + cost were primary decision drivers.I have noted that in addition to those two you are also seeking a strategic partner that will help you run your digital.

I would like to highlight one of the other digital agency that we have worked with and what their thoughts were about our work culture

XYZ and Mirabella Advertising have worked together on various web projects over the past few years.

They take the time to understand our brief and strategic outcomes and implement the project professionally and with the utmost efficiency.We have worked with XYZ on a variety of projects through from corporate to retail products.

We have found their knowledge of all things the web from SEO, implementation through to ECommerce to be an invaluable resource.

Our two companies have been able to work together seamlessly achieving outstanding results for Mirabella’s clients.

I am happy to work with you guys to deliver a solution that will hit your goals and deliver on what we have discussed.

Follow up email 4

The fourth email is general to the point when the client is ready to enter into a final negotiation. This one is very brief and straight to the point.

Hi Scott,

It was great talking to you yesterday.

Let’s catch up for a one on one tomorrow at 3.30 to finalise this project?

If at this point the client hasn’t shown any interest I tend to reduce my time spent on them.

The opportunity cost of chasing such clients is much higher.